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The Face The Rise of the Satanic Thirst Trap

Ah, Satan. It’s been a long and complicated relationship for him and humanity.

Published on Aug 24 2021
AnOther "AMIGXS" by Camilo Godoy

AMIGXS is a new exhibition of photographs by Colombian-born artist Camilo Godoy, which explores friendship and “the importance of constructing relationships beyond the nuclear, biological family”

Published on Jul 15 2021
Input Star forward Christen Press tackles inequity in gaming with fashion

When not defending a two-year winning streak, Press runs a mission-driven fashion house with Rapinoe, Heath, and Klingenberg.

Published on Apr 22 2021
Jerry Lorenzo

Jerry Lorenzo and Kerby Jean-Raymond on Reforming Fashion from the Outside In

Published on Apr 14 2021
Grindr Can Porn Be Art?

Two new books look at hardcore as high art.

Published on Apr 1 2021
T Magazine The T List: Nancy Holt Published on Mar 25 2021
AnOther Tracing Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki’s Influence on Contemporary Art

The animation godfather has inspired a global, mixed-media cohort of creators – here, five contemporary artists trace their ideals and inspirations back to Miyazaki’s pen.

Published on Feb 17 2021
Daily Dot What happens when Instagram aesthetics meet red-pilled incels?


Published on Feb 12 2021
Grindr Eartheater Interview Published on Feb 11 2021
GARAGE Can a Painting of a Horse be a Metaphor for Queer Desire?

Twenty-four-year-old artist Dominique Knowles’s paintings are a study in the complexities of intimacy—and his love for a childhood pet.

Published on Dec 18 2020
Input How to get the 'Cyberpunk 2077' look

Take the fashion of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ to the next level with doppelgänger fits based on Night City’s iconic style.

Published on Dec 10 2020
T Magazine The T List: Noah Davis x MZ Wallace Published on Nov 12 2020
Hyperallergic Sophia Narrett Traces Her Embroideries to “Playing With Dolls”

In the artist’s works from this year, you might see a hallucinatory experience of isolation, or a fairly run-of-the-mill orgy.

Published on Nov 9 2020
T Magazine The T List: Ikoyi London Published on Oct 29 2020